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#StayAtHomeBigSales 集合力量大促销 - 共存共赢

Apr 1, 2020
#StayAtHomeBigSales 集合力量大促销 - 共存共赢
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💬 都说:我的店铺关门,做什么生意,打什么广告?
推出RM499 Unlimited Pass,凭此票你可以在1年内任飞!
^^只需 RM318,我们就能帮您在马来西亚最大的网络商业平台NEWPAGES投放广告!
🔥 每日20K浏览量
🔥 20K Email 营销投放
🔥 专人投放Facebook广告
🔥 专业的网络营销顾问给予意见
集合所有商家给予的优惠,我们会通过不同的管道去集中宣传,从而使你不需要花大笔钱,就可以试试网络营销的甜头😋还在等什么?趁其他竞争对手还在冬眠时 😪嘘 ~~~不要吵醒他们,竞争最少的时候,是时候穿上你的铠甲,大杀四方!

不要消极看待 MCO,Covid-19。大马的企业家加油。


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恭喜Newpages Network Sdn Bhd 荣获星洲企业楷模奖2019

Nov 1, 2019
恭喜Newpages Network Sdn Bhd 荣获星洲企业楷模奖2019
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我们深知,Newpages Network Sdn Bhd所取得的每一点进步和成功,都离不开您的关注、信任、支持和参与,您的理解和信任是我们进步的强大动力。在Newpages Network Sdn Bhd发展的历程中,您给予了我们无比的力量。在您的大力关心与支持下,以及我公司全体员工的勤奋努力下,我们凭借优质的工程和良好的信誉,取得了一个又一个优异的成绩。感谢您在这些年以来对我们的支持和厚爱,使得我们的经营取得了不断的进步和发展。衷心的感谢您! 祝愿您事业天高海阔。

千里之行,积于跬步 ; 万里之船,成于罗盘。也感谢与这一群热爱生活热爱工作的同事们一起成长、一起拼搏,一起努力!

Malaysia Sign & LED 2019

Jul 5, 2019
Malaysia Sign & LED 2019
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Malaysia is now gaining prominence as a production hub for LED manufacturers. The development and production of LED clusters in the country cover semiconductor devices for LED, water fabrication, lighting products and solutions. The growth of the LED sector is well supported by two of the most robust Government programmes: 1. The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP); and 2. The National Green Technology Policy, which aims to move the country towards a low carbon economy with sustainable development. With the government policy and effort to support the LED manufacturing, the projects will benefit the industry in terms of job creation and further strengthens the value chain of other local-players in the LED industry as well as complete the LED ecosystem in Malaysia.

The LED market remains promising as global efforts turn to reducing carbon emission, increasing energy efficiency, and public opinion shifts from nuclear energy to finding renewable energy. Energy efficiency will remain a key to driving the LED industry growth. In recent years, advertising industry is adapting digital advertising significantly to reach audience more effectively and LED is one of the best tools which show a positive growth in coming years.

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